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Words will now pour to your eyes my friend. Newgrounds was just another site on the web of internet. Until one day came another and it became what it is now. Flash movies score high, then fall under the rug of the next. Then one blue grape seed grows with purple. That one blue grape is held in many users hands. Some may smash to whine, but true will hold to raisin. This is not just some submission, it is art. Art that is a wide window open to the hearts of the lost puppy. Continue my friend, and gold you will find.'

God Bless You.


I know you dont know much english, but here is what i got to say. This film was very unique and the animations and graphics were of there own style. Very dark, but not to the point where it is out of control. Very intresting characters and the chess theme was a nice idea. The music flowed in very well with each scene. Some humor made the film very sharp. An overall incredibly unique film, with some art worth looking at.

Keep up the great artwork, and one in million ideas.


It's funny how one seed can lead to one giant vine. This vine has attached to many others and will forever stay in them. This seed i speak of started in a few souls. Lets just say eyes know what they type. The graphics in this movie were very smooth and the facial reactions were well animated. The style was amazing and the humor was so great that the spehre scene almost made me cry. The violence at the gun scene was a nice idea and the overall message was poppin. An incredible flash filled with greatness and humor.


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Beyond Cool

Newgrounds was first known for the assassian section. Its what got me here when there was britney monster truck ralley. This game is just a prime example of what this authors can do. The graphics were amazing and smooth. The style of this game was awsome because the violence and facial damage was just sweet. The humor was radical and when britney came i burst out instantly. An overall awsome game with some great interactivity and just pure carnage. I hate that man so much.

This is newgrounds

Great Quality

Graphics in this sound board were very well done. The buttons were very easy to click and the color tone was well selected. Also the way it was organized was indeed solid. For the style it was intresting to see how many quotes were used, and it ended up being quite funny. The interactivity was grand, and the extra with the old man was just awsome. An overall great sound board with great sound quality and lots of laughs!

Classic Humor

There are many sound boards out there, but I have never seen a Pee Wee one any where. The graphics and buttons were simple, but good anough to make a good sound board. The collection of words was well done, but at times it cutt off just a bit to quickly or short. The humor was great and brough back some good memories. "good morning Mr. Breakfast". Overall a solid soundboard with a variety of great quotes

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ive talked to you before, anyways great work. There is not enough creep songs out there. I look in the future for more of those halloween like songs

there cool



This rules, like the variety and the style pwns

More please

CasketGrind responds:

hahahaha will do :D gotta love brutal death metal \m/


this rules


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